Email seems to have stopped working

Hello: I’ve checked other answers on similar topics to this and they don’t help me. BTW - I’m new to QuickFile and I think it’s absolutely brilliant.

Having sent some test messages to my own email they are either very very delayed or not getting through. I have set up to use my own SMTP email. I have also logged on to one of our clients email accounts that I have the details for and they have not received notices either.

It seems to me that this was not the case a few days ago as I can see that new clients I created have logged on to their accounts meaning that they clearly had received their password notifications.

I’ve ran various tests on the accounts email and it’s working fine. It’s hard to know what tests to run and how to troubleshoot this. Should I perhaps delete the SMTP set up - run a test via Quick File and then perhaps set it up again?

Thanks for any suggestions and assistance

First thing to do is check the logs on your mail server. If the mail is being delivered from Quick File in a pretty instantaneous fashion then you know the issue is with your mail server. If the messages are hitting your server in a random pattern but being delivered promptly thereafter then the issue is with Quick File.

I’m not sure how to do that. I looked at the account I’m using via webmail (Hostgator) and there was nothing in the inbox. I sent and received a few emails that worked fine. I guess that’s not what you’re telling me though is it? - When I use my mail server to send email would it appear in the sent items of the email account.

I’ve poked about in my Hostgator Cpanel and can’t find anything of value. Maybe I should delete the SMTP arrangement and try a few tests via Quickfile before setting up SMTP again

I’m not familiar with the Hostgator CP so can’t help you with what logs or details you may or may not have available.

All I can say is this is more than likely an issue with your provider as there are many other users sending mail through their own SMTP servers with no issues. If it is a Quick File problem it will no doubt be a temporary issue. If mails are disappearing altogether it would be worth checking spam folders at the clients end as this is a common issue in general.

I deleted my SMTP configuration and the email started working right away. So I then reconfigured SMTP in my Quickfile account and it stopped working again. IT is therefore, as you suspected a problem with my host and I have lodged a ticket with Hostgator

Hi Steve, I just ran a test on your SMTP server and your mail provider didn’t return any error message, having said that they also didn’t deliver the test email. I suspect they’re holding up the mail as a precaution, they may have put a temporary block on our server IP. I’ve heard of similar problems with cPanel from other users.

If you ask them to ensure is able to send mail on your behalf it should be fine!

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Thanks - I’ll add that to my ticket.

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