Email Send Test Feature

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Just highlighting these feature request. I think they would be really handy to have around.



Implementing tests on every possible routine that sends an email would not be practical for us. Having a single test button on the SMTP setup page should however be straight forward to add.

I do think however the real issue here is addressing the reasons why it’s failing in the first place. Once the SMTP is setup and working there should not be any further problems.

With Office 365 it definitely looks like a firewall is blocking communication at their end. Have you contacted Office 365 about this to see how they can white list our IP?

Continuing the discussion from Email Send Test Feature:

Did anything ever come of this? It would be super handy to have a simple form where you could enter a recipient address and hit a send button and have a standard test email sent with a simple subject and body.

Hi @Hactar

This hasn’t been something we’ve looked at I’m afraid. But as @Glenn suggests above:

Are you having issues sending any emails at all? I’m happy to look at this if you are experiencing emails not being received or SMTP not working for example.

I don’t know if I’m having issues or not. I have set up the new SMTP settings, but there is now way for me to test if it is working…

When you set it up, you’ll be asked to enter a different email address (for activation). If the email has been received, it’s working :slight_smile:

Interesting, I did receive the email, but I also received a timeout error displayed on your page…

Looking at your account, I notice it’s now requesting for it to be reactivated. I’ll send you a private message now to discuss this further.