Email template amendments prior to sending

I ain’t sure I am going to be able to explain this right probably need a image to show you but I will try. Just now you can make template for various things like your invoices payments etc. But before you send the email you can personalise it to your customer even more and add additional notes to your customer or supplier it be nice if you can view these emails or notes you send your customer somewhere in quick file fore it be so I can review what I might have said but for business withutile users being able to send stuff if there was a dispute hey could check there records to see what was said.

Are you suggesting maybe archiving all outbound invoice emails for future reference? We don’t do this at the moment in order to preserve storage space on our side. It has been discussed on other threads and may be something we will introduce later.

I aint sure that is wha ti mean see picture below
Default template

Amended template

so not the acutally email being saved just the message contents really

No real problem in just CCing yourself on all outbound emails if it’s that important.