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Email template

I have created a basic email template to try and make it look similar to my regular email template.
However it looks terrible
It appears that quickfile insert random <br> tags which stretches the email template and makes it look very amateur.
I was wondering if there was a way to avoid this happening?

Hi @Paul87

When you press enter/start a new line this automatically enters a <br> tag so you may find that if you get rid of the new lines this should look as you expect

Thanks @QFBeth
makes sense
However, I couldnt find any documentation to advise that email templates need to be written with inline html in order to display correctly.

Hi @Paul87

I’m not sure that it’s mentioned in the knowledgebase guide on the email templates but I will get this updated so that it is clearer going forward

It’s actually an issue that crops up in various places across Quickfile, in invoice lines, notes, terms sections etc… It’s a handy tip for fixing a lot of odd formatting issues.