Emailing a document

Gmrng friends.
Can you pls let me know
1,if its poss to email a document which is NOT and invoice or a receipt.
2, and attach it to a particular client.
3, can the client access / view it as they can view their invoices.
If so, how to do this pls.
Many Tnx

Hi @Hariaum

Do you mean to the receipt hub, or from QuickFile? You can email any document (as long as it’s supported, such as .html, .jpg, .pdf etc.). As for emailing out, you can only email invoices, estimates, reminders, payment confirmation etc.

This isn’t possible at the moment, but you can attach files to invoices and estimates. You may wish to add your vote to this topic:

If a document is attached to an invoice or estimate, the client will be able to access this when they view the invoice or estimate itself

Hello Matt
I think I have not explained properly so will try again
as my written English is not that good.
I know we can email purchase receipt by emailing to . The same way, Can we email any other document into our quickfile account?
if so what email address i email to so it goes in to document manager?
Hope i have explained bit better and i wait for your reply.
Many Tx, Suresh

Hi @Suresh_Rajpura

You can email any document to (you would need to set up your email address first to use this, by going to Account Settings > 3rd Party Integration > Email my receipts:

You can then move them from the receipt hub through the document manager, which is accessible through quite a few pages, but for example, it can be found here on the receipt hub page:

what i need your help is how to transfer a document which is in receipt hub to doc manager? if u can pls explain this step by step. Tnk u

I’d recommend taking a look at these guides:

These should hopefully put you on the right path :slight_smile:

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