Emailing invoices to clients

I will be encouraging my clients to use their email account to view and check the status on invoices after I have sent them from quickfile. I have tested this to an extent and the options within the ‘My Control Panel’ area are great. One thing that is slightly concerning is when you ‘sign out’ from this area it appears to leave the client looking at the account login screen that only I (as system ‘owner’) should see. Doing that also bombs me out of quickfile. More worrying is that if I elect to check the box to remember login credentials, a client could gain access to quickfile?!! A way around this would be for the client to click the ‘x’ in top right of their browser to end the session which, in turn, would return them to their email inbox - agree? Any comments? thank you

That login screen is for all account admins and clients, not exclusively admins. e.g.

You can’t be logged in as a client and an admin at the same time, also if you log out as a client and you have previously checked the box to remember your login credentials (when logging in as an admin), then this will prepopulate. This is storing an encrypted cookie on your PC, there’s no way your client would have this info and be able to access your admin system.

For this kind of testing I use two different browsers, my usual default one (Opera) where I log in as admin and a different one (Safari or Firefox) to log in as a client. That way I know the cookies, saved passwords, etc. are independent.

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