Emailing receipts to clients

Hi, I’ve done some searching but not found an answer to this…

I have clients who need to see copies of receipts for expenses I’ve incurred, when invoicing them for billable days + expenses. I understand that I can’t directly attach these receipts to the invoice, but can I link them into their client dashboard, so they could inspect them there?

I guess I can directly email them the link from document manager for the receipt (which will require some manual work on my part) but this seems insecure, since there’s no protection on who else might look at it. Am I right in thinking that receipts stored by AWS can be seen by anyone that can know / guess the link?

Is there anyway to tag receipts to clients that might help with identifying them, and including them in the client dashboard?

Thanks for clarification re best practice and security, and suggestions as to how to do this for my clients.


Hi Martin,

Perhaps this topic could be of use to you?

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