Emails not getting delivered

Hi for some reason almost every email (invoice) i send isn’t reaching it’s recipient, i’ve read this Email not delivering - SMTP error, 550 SPF check failed and checked my email settings, if i CC myself from an invoice i get it fine and from the correct email address so i dont understand why clients aren’t getting them.

Any ideas?


It must be going into clients junk folder, ask them to check it. Secondly check SMTP Email Settings if you are not using it already

That’s the thing though, the clients are stating that the mails aren’t in junk folders!, I have a dedicate server and the mail apparently goes fine:
Event: success success
User: aeserv
Sent Time: Jan 27, 2014 1:13:13 PM
Sender Host:
Sender IP:
Authentication: dovecot_login
Spam Score:
Delivered To:
Delivery User: -remote-
Delivery Domain:
Router: lookuphost
Transport: remote_smtp
Out Time: Jan 27, 2014 1:13:13 PM
ID: 1W7m0C-0005Dx-UP
Delivery Host:
Delivery IP: 173.194.xx.xx
Size: 3.36 KB
Result: Message accepted

This last mail goes to a client that is quite knowledgeable with computers so it would be strange if they missed it in junk mail, I also sent it to a different email address for them and they didn’t get it???

Unfortunately if you’re using our mail server (i.e. not your own SMTP server) there could be problems with some recipients receiving mail. Any scenario where you are using a mail server registered at domain to send email from domain can get bounced by more sensitive mail servers. There are already a bunch of posts on the forum about this.

We have two solutions for this:

  • Configure your own SMTP server
  • Setup an SPF records on your DNS

Please see here for further details:

Improving Email Reliability

Thanks for the reply Glenn but I have done both of those :slight_smile: I have my own server so I’ve set up an spf record to “include” and I’ve set up smtp as instructed, feel free to log in to my account and send yourself a mail or invoice…etc and see if you get it and what the headers are.

I’d be curious to know how they show for you.

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