Emails not showing in Sent folder?

Using a private IMAP server, emails appear to be sent and received by users however they are not showing in the “sent” mail folder in my webmail. Recently moved from gmail to a private email system and they used to go in the sent folder so don’t see why this would be different?

Any suggestions of what might be causing this?

I’m not entirely sure? I would recommend having a word with your hosting provider, if they can shed any light on this please let us know.

Thanks Glenn, if there were any issues sending would that flag up in my admin console? Any chance you could check from your end if there are any sending issues on the account?

I’d say if your clients are confirming they’re receiving them all ok, it would be an issue with the company hosting the mail server, rather than Quick File connecting to it. I’d go with what @Glenn has said and contact your hosting provider and see if they have any logs with issues

I think any potential issues would occur further down the chain. We essentially connect to your mail server on the address and port specified then push the email out. If there was an error at this point it would appear as an alert when you send the invoice, otherwise we’d just get an OK response back.

If using a spam filtering etc i would check that they are not being filtered as the mail headers would probably be different since they originate at QuickFile and are pushed through your own mail server.

Also if using a control panel such as CPanel try checking any logs you have access to or you should be able to route trace emails, depending on your hosting account type.

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