Emails Sent Should Be From The Company Name (not QuickFile)

Currently, when QuickFile sends an email, say an invoice or a stament etc., it sends the email as:

QuickFile <>

This is even when you have SMTP sending setup. It should be from the currently logged in user, and their email address, so then the client can hit the reply button and send an email directly to the user that sent them the email from the QuickFile platform.

For example: My Name <>

I’m already logged in as this person, so it should be relatively simple to use the currently logged user’s details as the sender.

You’re probably aware that when you enter the details you need to enter a server, username and password:

You say it shows as ‘’ - Have you changed your from address, because this shouldn’t be the case. I’ve circled an area to change this if you haven’t already.

If you’re still looking to push for a ‘’ approach, you may want to add your vote here:

Yes - I knew that. As you can see, I have set this exactly as we need it with “Mr Maintenance” as the name. When a client receives an email it’s from header is:

From: QuickFile <>

However, this is a two pronged question.

  1. At the moment: When an email is sent, it should come from what it says there.

  2. Feature request: Email should come from the current logged in user…

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1 - I have no idea. As I don’t work for QuickFile, there may be something happening behind the scenes that I can’t see. Maybe @PeterK could advise further! :smile:

2 - I’d add your vote to the topic I linked to above

Definitely, I didn’t realise it was attached.

A big +1 from me.

Hi @mrmaintenance, I tested my own QuickFile account and e-mails work fine.

Let us have a closer look.

It never worked like this from day one. It always sent from a single email configured at the account level. If you have SMTP setup, then you would need multiple SMTP credentials for each logged in user, this is technically possible but obviously much harder to implement and manage.

If you have SMTP configured it should not originate from, unless the SMTP failed. I can ask someone to look at this but on my own internal account the SMTP works as expected.

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