Emails with Apostrophe Issue


This issue looks to have been raised and resolved here:

However, I have a client with an apostrophe (a rare occurence indeed - the first one I have seen in over 25 years) and QuickFile is grumbling about sending the invoice to them at this email address with the following message:

We encountered a problem emailing this document: Email Send Error: Given email address appears to be invalid: o’dell@****

To clarify, the contact email address is added to the client file, but now that I have raised an invoice and want to send it I am getting this error.

Hi @admin1

We’ve logged this with our development team to be reviewed.

Hello @admin1

Our development team has looked into this and asked me to ask you to give it another try please.

Success! Thank you. Fingers crossed it actually delivered!

EDIT: The client just logged in to view the invoice, so all is good.