Enable Email template for recurring invoices

I can see the option exists for ‘New Invoice Raised From Recurring Invoice’ but I dont think it is enabled by default and I cannot see how to enable it? I am not certain but I think that currently my recurring invoices use the new invoice created template.

Hi @sean1,

If you look at your settings is the envelope blue or greyed out?

If it is blue then it means you have customised it but if it is grey then it will default to QuickFile’s default.

Thanks - that makes sense. It was greyed out. But actually it didnt use the default instead it was using the ‘new invoice created’ template. I have adjusted that now to suit my needs for both new invoices and recurring but could be worth investigation as I think something might be amis when it comes to sending out the emails. Just to clarify my recurring template was on default and my new invoices was on custom - but when a recurring invoice was issued out it sent the email for new invoices.

Hi @sean1,

I will let the dev team know :slight_smile:

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