Enable trading style to be specified when a client is created within an invoice

I am just setting up a new account with multiple trading styles and most invoices will be created with new unique customers (basically it’s retail but with 2 product lines being sold over the same counter). I would like to add 2 links to the left hand menu for ‘create new invoice for business a’ and ‘create new invoice for business b’. What would be the best way to go about this?

Trading styles are linked to clients rather than directly to invoices, for that reasons there’s no way to create an invoice and specify the style to adopt, you can only specify the client and the invoice style will be inherited.

Are you creating most of your clients inline when creating the invoice? There isn’t currently an option to specify a trading style when creating client records within the invoice screen, although perhaps this is something we could look into.

Yes. Currently I have to go to ‘create new client’ and then specify the trading style there, and then once the client is created click the link to create a new invoice for the client.

That would be handy, maybe I should just turn this thread into a feature request then?

That’s no problem, I’ve taken the liberty to update the thread accordingly.

We’ll report back as soon as we’ve had a chance to take at this… shouldn’t be too long.

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A trading style can now be specified on inline client creation:

It should also be possible to set a default here using some custom script. More than happy to assist with that if you need it.

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