Enabling the VAT Bridging Module

Dear Quickfile Support person,

I am Following the VAT Bridging Step by Step Nos. 1 - 8 . All is going very well through 1 and 2 but item 3 states - If you see a button “Activate MTD Features” click the button. I have NO such Button and therefore cannot click it and your otherwise excellent instructions fail to inform me as to what to do in this situation.

As this is my first time attempting this process with your Software I’m sure you would agree this is somewhat fundamental to my success in submitting a VAT Return.

Please would you help me by advising me how to set up this aspect of your software. I have been using
Tass Books 2 Accounting Package for over 20 years and look forward to a similar successful association with QwickFile as long as this will work for me. I will be very happy to pay your Annual Fee after a successful trial for This Return.

I look forward to receiving your reply at your Earliest Convenience,

Yours Sincerely,
for Piccadilly Jewellers,

Richard Johnson

The fact it says “if” would suggest it only appears if your account isn’t connected so I would assume if you have no button your account is connected and you can move on to the next step after the activating, which looks like it might be step 6.

Hi Lurch,
Thank you for your prompt reply, so I’ve proceeded as you suggested and now have gone onto Filing.
It suggests I must “navigate to the VAT management area”.
Please help me to do that. I do not have that heading on my reports menu on my dashboard.
Thank you in anticipation,

Hi Lurch,
I obviously have VAT as a heading in reports but under that sub group there is no “Create New Return”
and of course, that is what I’m looking for.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Thank you,

I’m not sure where you are looking but the “Create+” button is always there regardless so if these buttons aren’t showing for you it sounds like there might be some issue with your browser or a plugin not allowing these buttons to show. Maybe try in Incognito/private mode or use a different browser to confirm this?

If I go to the vat return page I have create or settings. If you go to settings you can tweak the vat settings. At the bottom I have hmrc account and an option to enable bridging. I think this is what your looking for

Many Thanks to Spike and Lurch for their help, the matter has been
sorted out very well indeed and as such the Return has been filled.

I would now like to obtain either an Affinity or Power User subscription
(£45 + VAT per year) but can’t find how to update my Account.
Please could you help me with this,

Richard J.

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Hi @Nosnoj47

If you try to submit another bridging return, it will prompt you for the subscription purchase. You’re welcome to wait for the time to come before upgrading. However, you can upgrade early by going to Help >> Additional Services.

However, if you have Affinity, the above subscription isn’t required. This would involve setting up an Affinity account, and then linking your existing QuickFile account to the new Affinity account.

This guide should help with this: QuickFile Affinity overview

Hi QFMathew,

Thank you for your reply.

When I first joined QuickFile in May, it was from an Approved List
from HMRC, of Software Suppliers who would offer a FREE VAT Bridging Module.
After 48 years running a City Center Retail Jewellery Business (Reg.for VAT in 1973)
I must confess to not believing that there is any such thing as “A Free Lunch” so
I telephoned My local VAT office and had an illuminating conversation with a
Senior Officer who told me and I Quote :
“We believe that if we change our system to require our clients to change their Accounting software
(for MTD) we are duty bound to make arrangements for them to acquire it Free.” She went on to say that there were 9 approved Companies who offered the free software and that yours was one of them, although she could not recommend any of them, merely confirm the situation.

I was, as I have mentioned above, very impressed and grateful for the help and advise I have received and not in any way concerned that I’ve been asked to pay £45 + VAT in order to complete My next Return indeed I would be happier paying, if necessary, but I would just like to know the correct situation.
Yours Sincerely,

Richard J.

This would depend on exactly you interpret the list on gov.uk (I assume you mean this one). Quickfile is free for low volume users but above 1000 ledger entries and you have to pay. the VAT bridging module is also a paid for service. QuickFile Pricing

The wording on the gov.uk site I guess you could read one of 2 ways, but essentially Quickfile is free to use with MTD for companies below the 1000 ledger threshold. If you use over 1000 ledgers or want to use the bridging module only then there is a charge.


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