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End of Year accounts - where's that banner gone?

Hi. There used to be a banner along the top of the QF dashboard that read something like ‘Get your accounts done from £159’.

I think the link lead to a marketplace of QF-savvy accountants.

Anyone know where that page is please?


Hi @josegonzalezltd

The page it leads to, can be found by going to Help >> Additional Services, you should see an option for year end accounts here.

The banner may be missing, if for example, your account is linked with an Affinity account.

Thanks Matthew,

I already tried that. There are 4 services, of which ‘QuickFile Marketplace’ is the one that makes sense, but the marketplace page only has apps, and no services listed.

I know there used to be a page where one could submit a message and get quotes from various accountants. I hope you can help.


Is your account connected to an Affinity account?

If you’re unsure, if you go to Account Settings >> Team Management, it would say there.


Hi josegonzalezltd,

If you click the link below you can see accountants connected with quickfile.

Or use this link to get a quote for help with a tax return:

(replace yourcompany with the first part (before quickfile) of your login page)
I hope this helps


Thank you very much (everyone) for the help!

You are welcome :wave:

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