Enter payment from invoicing screen

Hi Glenn - I notice there is not a facility to mark the invoice as paid whilst doing it like the facility what we have on the purchase invoice page. A lot of my invoices are really cash sales and only get generated when someone orders and pays online or by phone so now we have to save invoice then go in and find it again then clicking on paid etc…

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For cash sales I enter the details, “preview and send”, then the “log payment” button at the top of the preview screen to apply the payments.

The alternative way round would be to enter the amount as a transaction on your cash “bank account”, then create the invoice by tagging the transaction which should mark it as paid immediately.

Thanks for the reply Ian… I do it like you say in the first instance but it would be a lot easier if it was like the purchase invoice… just click on the paid box…

This would be of value to us as well.

This would be useful for me too as one of my clients pays me by bank transfer at the at of the day and I issue the invoice there and then.

I work around it as described by Ian, so it’s not a big issue but it would be convenient to be able to raise the invoice and log the payment in one go.

I also have a vote for this feature. It would make the process even quicker if we could just click the ‘Paid’ button. As mentioned in my other threads, all goods I sell are paid upfront and aren’t released until paid. (eBay, Amazon, Own website etc).