Enter Purchase Invoice Number From Tagging Screen

Any chance of adding the ability to enter a purchase invoice number on the tagging screen (RECEIPT DETAIL)?

Currently,one has to enter the purchase invoice number into the DESCRIPTION field, which isn’t ideal because no checks are done to tell me if I’ve already entered a purchase invoice reference previously.

In addition, I find that I have to use the description field for purchase invoices when entering through the NEW PURCHASE SCREEN to ensure consistency between those and invoices entered through the Receipt Detail Tagging page.

Right now we automatically generate a QF number for every purchase invoice (e.g QF00001), these are system codes and cannot be overridden.

When entering a one-off purchase invoice we include a field supplier reference, this is a provision to enter the supplier purchase invoice number.

At the moment this field is not available when tagging receipts so we can look at adding this. The problem is however it wouldn’t work as a control as we do not enforce uniqueness when entering information into this field. In fact it may be difficult to do that as many users have the same reference for multiple invoices (e.g. those ones issued in a series).


sorry to butt in but I would like this field to be available as well, maybe not for exactly the same reason but the fact is it’s really handy generating the purchase invoice via the receipt hub with electronic invoices becoming the norm (maybe not the R Hubs intended purpose) .

To correctly record the invoice it’s a two stage operation currently, either Enter New Purchase followed by Receipt Hub or visa versa, as a result I tend to not bother with the receipt hub bit for ‘proper’ purchases from regular suppliers that I have accounts with but if I want to see the detail of the invoice I have to look up a paper copy (which is a pain and functionality of Quickfile is lost). My main supplier is now sending me pdf invoices (great, no scanning I just dump a copy in my Dropbox folder) if this field was available in the receipt hub it would become a single operation to record the purchase which would be a significant time saver.

Basically develop the concept of the Receipt Hub as being an optional, primary route of recording invoices as well as receipts.

We’ve now added this to our short term development plan so it should appear within the next few weeks. Thanks for the feedback!

@gino @andyg65 just to let you know, we have now added the supplier reference field to the receipt tagging screen.

This is great news! Thanks very much!

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