Entering annual membership fee


I wonder if you can advise me. I have paid my annual membership fee to the FSB and entered the transaction into Quickfile as a Professional Fee. However, this does not generate an invoice or anything for me to attach proof of payment?

Have I entered the payment correctly or should I do it some other way. How do I attach the proof of payment that they sent me.

Many thanks


How did you enter this? It should be entered as a purchase invoice not a journal.

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your reply. The payment was contained within an imported CSV into the Bank Account. When I clicked on the TAG button. I created “other payment” and chose professional fee. Obviously that was incorrect.

What would an annual professional membership fee be recorded as?

Many thanks


You’d first need to un-tag this on the bank:

You would then retag as a “payment to a supplier”.

Create an new purchase record for this transaction:

Then enter the details here:

This will create an invoice record, you can then preview this invoice record and attach the receipt.

HI Glenn,

I have now done this as you said and corrected it.

Once again thank you for your prompt help and advice! Have a good day or what is left of it!