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Entering Dates


I am new to the software and am currently entering a lot of historic transactions. Is it true that you can only enter a date by writing it in full with two backslashes and a 4 figure year? I can’t believe this is true, but I have tried almost everything and searched the help files too. [The only reference i can find is a question from Oct-13 asking if the field will accept hyphens instead of backslashes. Answer was negative.]

There appears to be some inconsistency with fields too. Sometimes (VAT return) a date without the full required formatting is ignored and date defaults to today, other times there is a warning, other times a two digit year is accepted (i think).

Thanks for your guidance,


Hi @Donquick

We try to keep the date format consistent throughout, which is dd/mm/yyyy. All date inputs also come with a little calendar too for quick selection.

If you’re noticing any inconsistencies, please etc me know and I’ll get these addressed.

Rather than entering them manually, I would encourage you to look at importing these. For transactions it should be possible to import from a CSV bank statement export.

Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I wasn’t clear in the question. I am talking about the method and flexibility of entering data in a date field rather than the outcome (which must be consistent as you say). Having to type all the characters of a date including the two backslashes and the ‘20’ is a bit of a drag. Having to take hand off of the keyboard to use the mouse on the graphic calendar doesn’t save time - it is the opposite.

In other packages you can type 0102 and this is interpreted as 01/02/2018 on field exit, or you can type T for today’s day or +/- for one day either way, etc.

Anyway, just saying I think it would be a good thing to add to your development list.

Thanks for the advice about importing data - I’ll try it.