Entering decimal quantities for sales items

I would like to know how to input different quantities i.e 2.5 or 3.75 in the quantity column of the invoice as currently it will only allow you to insert whole numbers.

Please see below… currently decimals are only supported for task based items, you would therefore enter the specific denomination in the description field and simply enter the NET total:


@Glenn Looking through the forum, I have noticed a similar reply several times, which clearly demonstrates that many people want the ability to use decimal qty. for products.

For my use, I cost products at a meter rate, however they can be sold at 1.75m, 1.6m, 1.3m lengths etc.
Chaning this field type to a float instead of an integer is not that much of a structure change and on a coding front there shouldnt be any math issues for calculations.

If I send an invoice to a customer for a product sold by the M unit of mesaure (what they are used to working in) but stating hours above it, it will confuse them and cause issue when it comes to paying my invoices.

Can you please look at implmenting this change as quickly as possible; I really want to use QuickFile, but with this current limitation.

It’s not a simple data type change, I’m afraid nothing ends up being that simple at this stage in our development. Especially not when you factor in all the additional unit tests we need to do to ensure data integrity. That said we already support decimal task based entries (to 2 decimal places), it shouldn’t be too difficult to extend this to items.

I can’t promise when this will be reviewed, although this has been discussed before, it’s not one of our top 5 feature requests, the simplest solution is to just enter the denomination in the description and use a qty of 1.

If there’s any development here I will update the thread.

Just a quick one to let you know that we now allow quantities to be expressed up to 4 decimal places.


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