Entering HP

Doesn’t seem to be any guid on entering HP agreements. Every other accounting system has help on this matter and step by step examples but QF have no help whatsoever. Can anyone help with how to enter HP and HP interest.

I’ve just done a quick search for you. Do any of these help?

Unfortunately not. QuickFile seems to be the only accounting program that’s unable to supply a step by step guide explaining how to enter these payments. I need to separate the hp payments the interest and the vat. There’s absolutely no help on the QF knowledge base what so ever.

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Sorry they didn’t help. I did find another post from Glenn and Ian which may help. It’s here Hire purchase and claiming input - #6 by ian_roberts

My understanding is and bear in mind I’m far from an accountant, would be to set it up like you would a loan account. There are guides on that in the support articles. But I think Ian’s post should cover it. I don’t think Ian is an accountant but I’m sure he’d be able to offer some advice if needed.

The other thing to do is to perhaps share what you already know from other accounting systems and someone can translate it to quickfile terms? Other than that the support team will likely answer on Monday and may even be able to get a guide done as I’m sure it’ll be helpful.

I can see from the forums that multiple people are having difficulty with QF on this matter. Surely QF should look into this and find a solution. I’m considering migrating to another system as without been able to enter HP HP interest and vat separately QF are unable to allow me to run my accounting system.
I won’t to use the rule of 78 to reclaim my interest but it looks like it’s impossible with QF.

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