Entering mortgages and fixed assets

any good book keepers out there who know quickfile well? we need a bit of support and will pay for a bit of support, we have moved from QB to QF at our yr end but have to enter a couple of fixed assets, property, car and the associated mortgages, just not quite sure how to do it in QF

pm us if your interested, I don’t think it will take very long but we have 4 companies setup in QF now so if your a book keeper it might be an opportunity for us both going forward.

Hi - would like to put our company, Complete Book-Keeping Ltd, forward for the required company set up. please let me know if you are still looking for someone. Look forward to hearing from you, Kind Regards Donna

HI Donna
I found your company website and sent you an email directly, hope you have it, check your spam folder if not :slight_smile:


Thanks Darren will look out for the email although nothing through yet.

not sure why you havn’t got my email, I emailed at 9am this morning, have to find another way to communicate or get you my email address, one of our companies is visum another is expert lettings, maybe you can find us and email me :wink:

Hey guys, just thought I’d mention there is a PM facility on this forum if that helps? Click on the avatar image and you should see a button “Private Message”.

I think you need to have made a few posts before that button appears but I’m pretty certain you’ve both reached that threshold.

thanks Glenn, will give that a try now.

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