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Entering multiple sales invoices


I have updated my subscription to power user. I have received the confirmation from yourselves. I have logged out and logged in several times.

The main reason I have taken the power user subscription is that I want to enter multiple sales invoices for several clients in a batch.

I have followed the instructions several times on entering an invoice batch: When I click on create new invoice, I do not get any options to enter multiple invoices but get the window for entering a single invoice, I used to get before I made the power user subscription.


Hi @zulj4mal

This option can be found by going to Account Settings >> Import Data, and you will find the options for bulk entering both sales and purchases there.

However, I will pass on your feedback and see if this can be made clearer.

@zulj4mal - Just an update on this for you here. We have now added these to the Sales and Purchases menu so they can be found easier.

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