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Entering Paypal fees


I’ve got my Paypal account linked. When someone makes a payment this appears in my bank feed. However, it’s always less than the amount of the invoice due to Paypal fees. What’s the best way to enter these? I can manually add a money in transaction for the value of the fees and credit this to the customer, and then create a money out transaction to tag as bank charges, but this seems a bit clunky. It makes it a bit pointless to have the automatic feed if for every 1 transaction it imports automatically I have to manually enter in two transactions.



Hi Avian,

Setup PayPal automated feed This article may be useful to you :slight_smile:



Thank you. The problem turned out to be that when I created the Paypal account in Quickfile I had just selected the “Paypal” option from the list, not the “Paypal(Merchant Account)” option. I deleted the Paypal account from Quickfile and set up a new one as Paypal(Merchant Account) and now it works nicely. :slight_smile:

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