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i cannot for the life of me for the life of me figure how to enter my payroll. Do i add this as a purchase? my bank statement isn’t available yet so can’t upload - I cannot get my head around it - i’ve been through the tutorial but doesn’t explain how to add the purchase.

Can someone help me please?

What software are you using to run payroll? If you’re using the payroll site, they can export it straight to quickfile.

If you’re doing it with another piece of software, you should tag the bank payment to salary payment (it’s an option when you click ‘Tag Me!’). You should then create a journal to assign the payment to the correct nominal code (e.g. NIC etc).

Take a look at @Joe’s post for a guide on journals


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Our accountant does the payroll for us.

But what do i do if i don’t upload the bank statement? Sorry I’m so confused…

There are two sides to payroll in QuickFile. On the one hand the payments you make to the employees and to HMRC, which are entered by tagging from the bank view, and on the other the way you need things to appear in your profit & loss. The two sides are linked by journals as I explain in this post:


The amounts you need to journal should be in the payroll data from your accountant.

On the payments side, if you don’t have an actual bank statement to upload you can enter individual transactions in the bank account view by clicking the “add transaction” button at the top. This opens a form where you can enter the date, description and amount, and create an untagged transaction in the account. You then tag that transaction as a salary payment or tax payment to HMRC as appropriate.

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