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Entering Vat incl prices

if i tick entering VAT incl prices, then enter the amount under “unit cost” it adds vat again anyway in final column
if i tick Vat incl, then enter the amount under Gross total FIRST its all fine, then adjust the quantity…it works, but it starts rounding incorrectly and the totals go out…
Also if i am editing an old invoice it just wont edit at all, i have to delete the enitire line?

Rounding issues happen when you calculate vat from a gross figure. Rather than calculating vat from net. If its causing issues untick and stick with entering vat excluding prices.

thanks Paul,
seems crazy that i am going to have to take every single price every time i do an invoice and first work out an ex vat price - what a time consuming process

It will get it right if you enter the quantity first, and then enter the VAT-inclusive line total, but you do need to manually calculate the vat-inclusive item price multiplied by the quantity.

Basically, VAT-inclusive pricing is a bit of an afterthought - QuickFile is more set up for B2B companies who quote their prices exclusive of VAT, or businesses that use another platform such as Amazon or an EPOS to handle their B2C sales, and just need to record the net/VAT/gross amounts as calculated by that other system.

Ian, thanks very much - as you say above works and i can now see why regarding the B2B thoughts.
Such a pity really - i can invoice elsewhere and just bring across sales / invoice totals i guess but that also duplicates work a bit.