Entry for paying two supplier invoices with one payment


I have paid two invoices from one supplier with one payment:

Invoice 1: £1,023.00
Invoice 2: £3,795.00

Payment from bank acount (1200) : £4,818.00

But I can find no way to do this. I have to pay each invoice individually and then remember the payment was in fact one payment not two or am I missing somethig?

Anybody have an answer. I am not using a bank feed.

Kind regards

Michael Broom Smith

Hello @3Unique

I have an example 2x £100 + vat invoices, £240 paid out of the bank

Tag as follows

  • Click Tag me on the payment in the bank
  • Payment to a supplier
  • Pay down multiple invoices or assign to supplier account
  • Enter suppliers account
  • Tick the 2 invoices > Save


Hi Steve

I am sorry I don’t understand when you say: “Click Tag me on the payment in the bank”. I am not using a bank feed so there is not entry yet in the bank.

I haven’t yet go a payment in bank. I am trying to create a payment, which will then appear in the bank. In accounting terms:

1200 Bank Account £200.00 Cr
Accounts Payable: £200Dr

I am not sure I am making sense.



Use the “new transaction” button at the top of the bank account statement view in QuickFile to create a money in transaction for the total amount. This new transaction will then have the red “tag me” button next to it and you can follow @QFSteve’s instructions above.

Thank you Ian and Steve.

I hope I can remember the next time it arises! :grinning: as not entirely intuitive for someone who “grew up” on Quickbooks since 1998!



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