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EORI Number for exports


I saw another request regards recording EORI numbers on the invoices but it was closed.

For shipments sent to the EU we are now having to show our EORI number and also our customers EORI number on them. Nothing is getting through customs without this information on the invoice.

Would it be possible to add a feature to record a cusotmer EORI number and display it on the invoice as we used to do with their EU VAT number?

many thanks

Hi @march1972

We have added a place to save this on your account, but there isn’t a way to display this on the invoice.

This post may be of interest: EORI Number

hi, thanks for the swift reply.

yes i saw that post but we are having to show our eori number and the client eori number on the invoices or they will not pass through customs.

could we not have a field when we create a new client like we used to but instead of recording their ec vat number we record their EORI number and display that on the invoice?


Hi, we are being asked by our customers in the EU to include their VAT/ EORI number on our invoices. I notice that this was possible with the reverse charge but not as a general requirement. Please can this be added asap? BW John

Hi @JRB @march1972

There is an active request with our development team for the client EORI to be shown on the invoices.

For your own EORI, you can manually add this either in the “notes” section, or for all invoices in your invoice customisation:

Great news, thank you. BR, John

Hi @JRB, @march1972,

An update has now gone live which has added the option for EORI Numbers.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

ok perfect, many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, that was fast! Thank you! How do we get the EORI to appear on the invoice?

Hi @JRB,

There is an option on the invoice customisation: image

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