EORI - trading with the EU

Hello All,

We sell software globally and if the UK leaves the EU without a deal I am trying to understand how this will affect our procedures. As I understand it if we sell software to anyone in the EU we will need to report it somehow here in the UK using a EORI number (sounds like more work!) I assume we would charge the customer excluding VAT anyway so I am not clear why the EORI information needs to be reported differently to sales to any other country? Can anyone point me to any information that helps explain what the different is and what admin tasks and charges might be encountered if we continue sales to the EU market? I see mention of needing a clearing agent etc which sounds a nightmare if we sell a software subscription for £5 a month! Any advice appreciated.

As I understand it EORI only applies to goods, not services, and if you needed one then you’d already have one to use when shipping to your current non-EU customers.

If you don’t currently need one to trade with customers in the US then you shouldn’t start to need one after brexit (unless you’re currently selling goods to the EU but only services elsewhere).

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