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Error importing sales invoice

Hi there

I’m having some issues importing sales invoices. First according to the importing guide it says this about Paid date

  • Paid date [for paid invoices if absent the invoice will assume to be unpaid]
  • Paid bank nominal code [default to the current account if not supplied when paid date is supplied]

The invoices I’m aren’t paid yet so both those fields are blank, but I’m getting the error that the Paid Bank nominal code must be filled in. According to the instructions above if this is blank it defaults to the current account so I don’t see why there is an error?

The other issue is with regards to the term in days. According to the instructions if this is left blank then the default is assumed. Will this be the default for each client?

Many thanks for your help

Don’t include those columns if there not being used. That will fix your issue.

Thank you Paul for your reply. This solution would involve extra work in that I would have to go into each exported CSV file and delete the relevant columns. This could also create issues where a number of invoices have been exported with some paid and others not. I can’t delete the columns then.

There is also the issue of the term in days for the invoice due date. This seems to default to 14 days every time even though the clients have different terms?

Your initial post said invoices are unpaid so my reply was based on thst.

If you have some that are paid you can simply tag the bank transaction to the relevant invoice once they are imported.

With regards to the terms. I think the terms lengths are set under each customer detail under sales heading

Hi @Paul_Courtier

I can confirm that the terms lengths are set at an account level which will be used as the default unless they have been set differently at a client level.

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Hi @Frostair

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems with this. If you have defined the terms for the individual clients, it certainly shouldn’t be using the default one. If this is still an issue you are experiencing, feel free to drop @QFSupport a private message with your account number and we can take a look into this for you.

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