Error - Invoice Issue date cannot be in future

I am experiencing the following error when attempting to import CSV data:


We normally issue certain invoices a couple of weeks early to give people advance notice that payment will be due, we have done this many times in the past so I am not sure why it is not working now.

I found some references to this in posts from seberal years ago but these did not seem to say what the fix was.


Hi steve5,
There should be an option, a little tick box, “Ignore the first line”. Did you try this option? In a lot of csv files the first line is the header (name of columns). Could you check your csv file for this?

Hi, yes I have that selected.

If I try and import multiple records then I get an error for each one. However if I change the dates to today’s date then it all imports OK.

I’ve never known future dated invoices to work so unsure how you managed it in the past.

Why can’t you set your payment due date to be when it’s actually due to be paid by and set the invoice date to the date you issue your notice?

Hi @steve5

There isn’t a restriction on the issue date for sales invoices. Is it just with the CSV import you’re seeing this error?

Hi, this is probably just me being unfamilair with the process. If I look at previous invoices these have been issued mid-December with an issue date of say 01/01/2020 and a due date of 08/01/2020. I think it has been done like this to give people plenty of notice but then when I tried doing this I ran into problems with importing due to the issue date being the the future.

To workaround this I changed the issue date to today, 21/12/2020, and the term to 19 which then makes the due date to 08/01/2021.

Hi, yes it is on the import but I managed to workaround this as mentioned above.


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