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Error submitting my VAT return (adjustment only)

I have been loing time user of quickfile and use it to submit my MTD VAT returns. Everything was file until recently i keep getting this error while submitting VAT returns.

We’re having a problem preparing your VAT Return

Error: Under the Making Tax Digital rules VAT returns should be supported by accounting records. This VAT return appears to consist only of adjustments and cannot be submitted to HMRC. If you prefer to submit your return from an Excel document then please use the VAT bridging module instead.

Any idea?

Many thanks

Hi @taxfiler

As the error message suggests, it seems that your VAT return is adjustment only, which isn’t permitted under MTD (Making Tax Digital). You need to have accounting records to support the submitted figures.

If you’re only using QuickFile for VAT submissions, you’ll need to use the bridging module, which allows you to upload the figures in a spreadsheet or CSV file: VAT Bridging

Hope that helps!

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