Error when trying to tag uploaded receipts from the receipt hub


I wonder if you can help. I am having problems tagging receipts in the Receipt hub. When I click on the selected receipt to tag I get this message in the window where the receipt usually is

NoSuchBucketThe specified bucket does not existqfreceiptdata9C05C2D7D2634BCC3wKa3w35Ybwg5ddHgbjAqkhOx1p6IuRCNuIog9bV4rN6hRbIPOzqchy4zQBS5PrH

Any chance you could help me out



We have experienced a number of technical problems with our 3rd party provider on Friday afternoon. This would have prevented new documents from being uploaded. The underlying problem has been resolved however I’m sorry to say we have experienced data loss as a result of this.

We have provided a full account here

Hi @Glenn.

Whilst I appreciate issues happen (being a developer myself), I would like to think of myself as one of the unlucky ones to have none of the uploaded documents available in the document managment area.

Am I right in thinking it was only a number of files that went missing? Is there anyway of finding out if any of ours actually exist anymore - it’s going to be a little bit painful to try and sort this end! Especially when we don’t tend to keep paper copies as they were all uploaded.

Many Thanks

@Parker1090 unfortunately all items were lost up to approx 13:30 on Friday 21st March and for that I apologise profusely, we have been working through the weekend to put in a number of systems for allowing users to recover from their originals.

Can you let me know how you were importing these scans into Quick File and I can hopefully provide some guidance for recovery. If you can get the files back into the Receipt Hub in an untagged state we can automate the previous tagging based on the file names. There’s a quick way to recover the last 30 days if you were importing via Dropbox here.

I can apologise for what’s happened, I’m deeply saddened by this whole thing given what I have put into Quick File these last few years. We will be implementing strong measures and full transparency in the future so every user can view and independently verify our backup schedule.