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Estimate accepted

Hi. Is there a way to setup the notification email information showing the client name as well as the name of the contact who accepted it?

Thanks in advance

Hi @w9gga

This isn’t possible at the moment but we’ve asked the dev team to look into this to see if they can make some changes to make it clearer.

You should be able to see from the log against the estimate who had accepted it

Thanks Beth, yes once I log in it’s not a problem it’s just when I’m out and about and an email comes in I don’t always know all the contacts so I end up having to log in to find out the client and then pass on to the relevant account manager. It would be much better if it replaced the contact name with the client name.

Hi @w9gga

This has now been implemented - please let us know how you get on

Hi Beth,
Yes I noticed the other day. Its fantastic! Very helpful when Im out and about and the email flashes up.
Thanks very much for actioning. Much appreciated.

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