Estimate and Invoice Numbering

HI There, i am looking to start using QuickFile. i currently run a sequential job numbering system but have 4 sales guys. we identify their jobs with the job starting with their initials.

is there a way of setting the Estimate number to DL00001, as an example.

You can set your own starting point for invoice or estimate numbering. I’m afraid however you can’t have automatically defined ranges for specific users. Each user could however manually override their estimate numbers.

In general you want to keep all your invoice numbering sequential (this is what HMRC recommend), with estimates it’s not so important.

HI Glenn, that is fantastic and works perfectly. one other question if you don’t mind.

I have 3 users that need to be able to send estimates and invoices out to their clients with their details on. at the moment the estimates and invoices are being sent out with my details on.

can we change this so that the information is sent out from their individual detail or can it only go from the default/administrator details.



When you say “their details”, do you mean to be sent from their email address? At the moment estimates and invoices can only be sent from one account level email address. This is configured in Account Settings >> Routine Emails.

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