Estimate bug mobile app

I have just started using Quickfile and have set my estimates up on my desktop and can view and modify on my iPhone okay. However, when I modify an estimate on the mobile app the item amount is substituted by the item total. so instead of 5 x 25 for instance it becomes 5 x 125. I changed it back on the desktop and again when modifying on the app it reverts back to changing the unit cost to the total cost. I have screenshots I can share.

Hi @differentiasp

If you could share the screenshots then we can try and replicate this to investigate

Hi Beth

Have you been able to get to the bottom of this big issue please?

Hi @differentiasp

Apologies for the delay in coming back to you.

We’ve been able to replicate this, and it’s currently with our development team. We’ll keep you updated with the progress.

Hi @QFMathew,

We are having the same issue as @differentiasp when trying to modify an invoice on both the Android & IPhone app’s. Is there an update yet please?


I have asked the dev team whether they have made any progress with this. I will update this thread if anything has changed

Hi Beth, new user here.
Slightly concerning that this bug that was raised some 10 months ago is STILL alive and kicking, and it also throws the net total out the window. Has the dev team made ANY progress?