Estimate (Converted) - report in "Recent Events" Invoice reference

When as Estimate is converted to an Invoice in “Recent Events” on the invoice a line is added “Invoice #000635 has been created and referenced from estimate #00056.” but when looking at “Recent Events” on the estimate that was converted there is no similar entry.

The “Recent Events” should include a cross reference in both places, just easy then to jump to the invoice issued if looking at a converted estimate.

20/11/2019 Escalated this topic from “feature” to “bug”, as this should be the correct reporting.

Hi @alan_mcbrien

I’ve asked someone to take a look at this and see if we can add it. However, I’ve moved this to #feature for the time being as it’s not a bug as the code simply isn’t there to record this.

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Hi @alan_mcbrien

Just a quick note to let you know this has been added.

You will now see a new line in the event log, similar to this:

Estimate #012345 has been converted to invoice #98765

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That worked, first one “Estimate #00348 has been converted to invoice #001026”. Just another comment the way I have set up issue of Estimates and Invoices is so that they are easliy identifiable, 5 digit reference for Estimates and 6 digit reference for Invoices, much easier to pick the right one when looking via “Quick Search”. The default that QF set when starting using the system was 6 digits for both documents.

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