Estimate front sheet

Id really like to be able to put a front sheet on before my estimate.

As it stands the client will read the quote/estimate including costs before finding out the services i will be offering - i would like to be able to put an overview of the services iam offering before they see the costs.

How can i achieve this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @milkmanic

Unfortunately this isn’t possible within QuickFile.

A possible work around would be to PDF the estimate and merge it with another PDF document.

The only thing you can send clients via QuickFile is what you see (e.g. the estimate or invoice details on screen).

I’ve not seen this come on the forums before, but I can convert this to a feature request if you wish?

Thanks for your help
Yes please if you could make this a feature request that would be a big help for moving forward

I often write a reasonably detailed overview on invoices/quotes within Quickfile (you can enter more than just a single line, and use some HTML to give it some degree of sensible formatting). In addition to that I will write a full proposal/specification if required and attach that PDF to the quote. I’ve sent these out to a few customers and not had any issues with any of them not reading the full proposals and most have accepted the quotes.

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@milkmanic - I’m not sure if this would be of any help, but we recently introduced supplementary pages (see the thread below). However, this would allow you to add pages to the back of the estimate/invoice: