Estimate Variants


I run a small print business and when i’m quoting on Jobs i sometimes have to quote on Variants such as

1000 Business Cards @ £89
2500 Business Cards @ £99


However when i create a estimate the total will be both these numbers added together totalling £188 when actually im offering them 2 prices to choose from

is there anyway of doing this within the system

Thanks in advance

Hi Ian,

I find a little CSS trick helps to remove the totals box:

.invoice-footer-tbl {
     display: none;

However, if you do customise the invoice like this - don’t forget that this style would apply to any invoices or estimates made thereafter.

Hi Parker1090

Many Thanks for you rapid response. possibly not the answer i was looking for but nether less many thanks for replying…


It seems you’re effectively offering two quotes under one header? I think it’s always going to be a hack, trying to do this in QuickFile as quotes are issued on the basis that they can be accepted/declined as a whole then converted to an invoice, it has not concept of differing quotes within a single quote.

Can you issue these options under two separate quotations?

@ianmackness7 As mentioned above, you could either just hide the totals box (which in that case they only see the itemised listing), or issue them seperately as @Glenn suggested.

Personally I use the footer hack, because that way you can group all the variants of the same thing per estimate (in your case business cards) and it would give the client a clear view of their options

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