Estimate wont add lines its stuck

Hi @pelican

Can you provide a bit more information please and we’ll certainly take a look for you?

  • What type of lines are you trying to add?
  • Where in the screenshot are you trying to add them (e.g. at the bottom, under the top row, etc.)?
  • Is this happening on other estimates too, or just one in particular?
  • How many lines do you have in your estimate at the moment?
  • Do you see any error messages?

item lines, at the bottom (don’t matter dose same thing ) this is the estimate no idea on other only working on this one its never before happen, 17 lines, no error messages it just froze.

after4 or 5 attempts it would not work , but just did it again and its working

Do all the other features work OK when it freezes (for example, can you save it, or can you go to another page), or are you unable to do anything?

If you have your estimate saved, could you pressing Ctrl + F5 together please to perform a hard refresh? This will reload the page, so it’s important any work you have is saved before hand.

Glad to hear this is working. Of course, if you have any further issues, please let us know.

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no the other features all frozen as well

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