Estimates - Expiry date option and automated Reminders (Like Invoice Reminders)

Hi Guys,

I think it would be really useful if you could create an estimate/quote. Then set up automated reminders to ask the client if the quote is acceptable etc. I think (similar to invoice reminders) three templates would be sufficient. If they don’t accept a quote by three emails, I don’t think they’re not going to.

We’d also need the ability to restrict this on an estimate by estimate basis as some people use the estimate feature like a “sales order processing” feature.

Anyone else +1 this?

Any comments?

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Hi @cr123

Thank you for your suggestion. I don’t believe this has come up before, so we’ll leave this thread open for others to add their comments.

As with all feature requests, we generally like to see some backing from the community before looking into them further, but we do monitor them.

Thing is, this is like a great sales tool. We do numerous quotes for people every day. We don’t have time to email people and ask them “did you get the quote, what did you think” etc. So if this was automated, this would help drastically.

After rethinking this, I think it should be something you switch on by ticking a “automatically notify my client 3 times about this estimate”; so that it doesn’t email people automatically unless it’s told to do so. So a tick this box, not untick this box.

If you send a quote/estimate from QuickFile, it will log the user logging in to view it, so you will know what estimates have been viewed and which ones haven’t. It’s similar to invoices, for example, the one the arrow points to hasn’t been opened:

Or you could use the advanced search to help achieve this:

Of course, I’m not dismissing your idea - we’re open to suggestions, but I thought this may help for the moment

A slight take on this but it would be nice if you could create a expiry date. As standard our estimates are valid for 7 days. It would be cool if I could auto archive any estimates that had expired for more than xx days.

Our estimates are a mare to manege. Clients tend not to decline estimates and seeing the wood from the trees is increasingly difficult

Hi @MearTechnology

You may wish your vote to the separate feature request for this:

We’ve just recently added a feature to set a default account level expiry date on all new estimates, this feature is only in the beta stage right now (@MearTechnology - I’ve enabled this on your account ). It will however allow you to ensure that the Accept / Decline buttons are hidden on all estimates that are more than n days old.

To switch on expiry logic go to Sales >> Invoice Customisation, then click on the section below and provide a number days that your estimates should be valid for.

This setting will now affect currently issued estimates only new ones created post change.

When you create a new estimate you will then see a “Valid for” box as follows;

On an expired estimate the client will see the following statement within their control panel, plus the accept/decline buttons will be hidden:

Unfortunately there’s no auto-archive feature yet, although we have the foundations so this and possibly automated reminders could be the next stage of development.

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We would like to Beta test this also if we can?

No problem! We’ve enabled this on your account for you :slight_smile:

Cool. I’ve been using this, it’s pretty good. I like the fact that it expires the Accpet/Decline buttons. However, I also believe that the label should update from SENT to EXPIRED also. Are there any plans to do this?

It does show an EXPIRED stamp on the actual estimate when you or your client previews it. Are you referring to the main list, as currently here I believe it will show as SENT?


this is the only thread i can find on this topic so im not sure if this feature has been considered further. estimate reminders would definitely be a powerful sales tool and i am surprised there has not been more interest expressed.

any further consideration and potential implementation would be appreciated.


Hello @00SCD00

There hasn’t been any changes made here unfortunately, but your interest has been noted.

+1 - still need this.