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Estimates on change status to "Agreed" routine email to customer

When a customer confirms an estimate and the details are updated that it has been “Agreed” there seems to be a missing routine email available in the toolbox!

It would be useful to have available in routine emails “Estimate Agreed” so that the order can be confirmed receipt of their order but also provides an opportunity to advise expected delivery or when a job is to be done.

Perhaps also another email for “Estimate Declined” to provide good communication.

Thank you for the suggestion, it’s something we could consider. Would you expect this email to be triggered only when the customer accepts or declines? Or also when the admin user initiates a status change on their side?

I made the suggestion looking from the admin side of processing orders. For example; an order has been emailed confirming the estimate and updated as agreed and their order attached for later converting to an invoice after the delivery/job has been done.

If a customer updated an estimate from their QF Control Panel then they are aware that the instructions have been received, but also there would not be an opportunity to advise a date of when the order would be completed.

So, probably a feature that could be used from the admin side of managing estimates.