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Estimating/Invoicing of Rental Product

Hello all.
I’m just starting to use quickfile and I seem to have come up against a functional issue when creating estimates/invoices. I cant seem to find any pointers in help/forum to answer this.
Firstly let me try and paint a picture. As a business we rent multiple types of equipment over varying time periods and quantities of said equipment.
As part of this implementation I want to simplify this by using the sales inventory as list of parts with a set description and price etc for the team to use. So lets say I create a part that is for a product to rented for one month period.
Item Descr Unit Cost Qty……Net Total
RP1 Product XYZ RENTAL per month 100.00 1 100

So this describes rental of one item, but now I want to rent the same item for two months, still only one product item. The ways I can see to do this to make the unit cost 200 (confusing potentially) or to have another entry in the sales inventory for 2 months then what about 3,4,5,6 months (something I want to avoid if possible) if there was another “Qty” column (different nomenclature) in the line entry of the for the estimate/invoice form. This to act as a factor on the line entry (let say I call it R/Period)

Item Descr R/Period Unit Cost Qty Net Total
RP1 Product XYZ RENTAL per month 1 100.00 1 100

For 2 months 1 product xyz
Item Descr R/Period Unit Cost Qty Net Total
RP1 Product XYZ RENTAL per month 2 100.00 1 200

For 3 months 7 products xyz
Item Descr R/Period Unit Cost Qty Net Total
RP1 Product XYZ RENTAL per month 3 100.00 7 2100

So only one line entry onto the invoice and maintains a simple inventory list.

I could use a factor in the qty so for the last example above the qty would show 21, which would give the same result. But then the Delivery Note output then shows 21 which is incorrect as only 7 items were dispatched.

Has this already been done and I’ve missed it? Appreciate this is fulfilling a specific need for our business, but we can’t be alone in this, can we? Apologies if I’ve missed the obvious on this.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Hi @emittec

You could use the time based quantity for the months:

Just change hours to months. I would recommend having a separate line for each product to avoid confusion.

Or you can just add it into the line descriptions… 3 x months ?

Thanks for the quick reply, I did see that but although the terminology changes the effect is the same (I think!) To try and draw a parallel using the “Rate” “Months” idea if I had 4 people working on the task for a month I would have to multiply the Months by 4 to get the correct value, but the actual period would be 1 month.
In our accounts package, currently we have to increase the unit cost manually so for 2 months we would double the unit cost, perhaps I’ll have to stick with this method on quickfile. Just was hoping to reduce the manual intervention (calculations by the user).

Thanks again for you prompt reply…

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