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Etsy accounting issues

There doesn’t seem to be any way to import anything that i can download from Etsy. I can download monthly csv files from etsy, but these don’t work with QF. I’m currently wasting time creating excel sheets to try and get things to balance then manually add them into QF but this takes hours a month that I can’t afford. Any help would be appreciated

Etsy doesnt really apply to my type of work but will try and help if i can. I guess they work like other marketplaces where they take a fee before paying out to you?

Would you be willing to share a small samlpe of a csv you can get from etsy and maybe someone here can help? Not necessarily me but there are plenty of people here who could help

A CSV file is pretty easy to use as a starting point for an Excel spreadsheet where you can then reorder/rename/remove columns etc to suit the QF format and then import. Shouldn’t be taking hours per month if the data is already in a CSV?

Importing data into QF is relatively straight, forward although slightly constrained for my liking.

The real issue is getting the data into the right format. I’m a programmer & wrote Python scripts to wrangle the data I wanted from Starling imported with no additional work required subsequently.

Using Excel macros you can get the data in the right format without too much coding knowledge.

As Spike states, a sample CSV would allow others to help you.

Agree with comments above. Most CSVs can be imported as is and then basic operations. There are some tips and tricks that can address any issues with the data, but it should be possible to save you some time here. If you can share a sample, change the data to protect privacy if needed as long as you keep the format same data type the same, then should be able to help