EU accounting software that can handle multiple VAT and multiple currencies

This is perhaps a bit of a cheeky place to ask but I’m trying to find some software that’s exactly like quickfile (and a similar price point if possible) but can have EUR as a base currency and can properly handle EU VAT.

My situation is that I currently mostly trade in GBP under a GB VAT registration (quickfile handles that perfectly!), but I have increasing trade with EU countries so need something that can handle multiple VAT registrations. Quickfile affinity works very well for this because each VAT registration can have a separate set of books, then it’s a case of pulling it all together (possibly using the API). The thing that causes problems is it uses GBP base currency so EUR reporting isn’t possible. The alternative of fudging it so GBP(qf)=EUR(real) and GBP(real)=a third currency, doesn’t work because that third currency appears on sales invoices (unless using a temporary workaround) and the currency conversion needs overriding on each invoice.

Other software has the downside of being more expensive than quickfile (£20+ per month) and they can only properly handle a single VAT registration, so VAT registration in multiple countries results in the need for multiple books which is fine but that comes with an excessive cost. International products don’t seem to be able to handle VAT properly, and even the EU software doesn’t produce VAT reports in all the formats required by various countries.

If you want accounting software that handles multiple currencies and vat registrations for the same price as quickfile, good luck with that.

Clearly the fact they can handle the scenario you speak of would result in an increase in costs.

I’m happy with an increase in costs, just as long as it’s not excessive. VAT registration in 5 countries would require 5 lots of books, with quickfile that’s a very reasonable amount (£15/month for 5XL). With the other players it quickly ramps up (£100-200/month) and their software still doesn’t do everything I need it to. I’m happy building custom software that sits in front of the accounting systems to coordinate everything. The problem is the software out there doesn’t always do the reporting in the right format, which then means 3-4 different lots of software are needed, then that becomes a bit of a headache to manage…

I’m planning on keeping quickfile for GB VAT, but looking for options that can handle the EU countries properly - none of them seem to do exactly what I need so far.

I’d suggest asking the question on

There will be many accountants who have come across this scenario and will probably have an idea of the best software to use.

When you say reporting do you mean just the figures throughout QF in general? You could use something like a Greasemonkey script to rewrite some figures. This might be more of a maintenance nightmare than the API and custom front end though as you wouldn’t have direct access to the original figures so would be reliant on converting on the fly.

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