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Euro Bank account in purchases


Dear All
I have 2 bank accounts . One in GBP and one in EUR (transferwise )
I have supplier in PLN
When I create PLN purchase I can’t pay using my EUR account. It doesn’t appear in drop down list (image)
But if I change currency to EUR in my purchase the EUR Transferwise bank appears.

Can I save this invoice in EUR? I think to make note how much was in PLN.


Hi @awariat

It’s not possible to pay for one currency from another, other than GBP unfortunately.

The way around this would be to create a holding account, so you would have a transfer to GBP in between.

E.g.: PLN > GBP > EUR


Hi Mathew
Can I record my PLN invoice in EUR currency? In this case I can connect this invoice with my payment which I made in EUR from my Transferwise EUR account.
It would be for me the easiest way .


Unfortunately multi-currency support between currencies other than GBP isn’t supported at this time, so you would still need the GBP account in between.


Ok then,
I will create account “TRANSFERWISE GBP” and I pay my PLN invoice using this account and next I transfer money to “TRANSFERWISE GBP” from “TRANSFERWISE EUR”
Is this correct?
It looks like the same but longer way:)
It is illegal to declare Polish invoice as EUR purchase?


It looks correct to me :slight_smile:

Providing the values are correct and you’re using a reliable exchange rate, there shouldn’t be a problem. I would however try to match it to the issued currency where possible.


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