Existing GoCardless Mandates

Ok, I’ve read a lot of the posts about gocardless and linking existing mandates. I have been able to work out the process which is great. I just need some clarification.

The existing mandate takes the payment on the 3rd of the month. Is there a way I can get the invoice to match this so that the mandate and the payment match and therefor can be assigned to the client when tagging the payment?

Essentially, I want to marry the invoice with the date their existing payment is made.

Also, if I have assigned their mandate ID or already got an invoice with the GC autobill option, should I not be seeing figures in the gocardless holding account area?

Hi @Capriman

If you have an existing subscription/payment schedule set up in GoCardless directly, there’s no need to set up auto-bill in QuickFile as well. This will actually cause two payments to be collected.

The best thing to do is to do it all in QuickFile as this would create the invoice, trigger the payment, and tag it all for you, too. Or, just have the recurring invoice set up without auto-bill.

Figures in the holding account will show from any auto-bill activity. There’s no feed for GoCardless, so any payments triggered externally won’t automatically show up.

I hope this helps, but please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions.

So, if I set up the invoice without auto I’ll with roughly the same date as gocardless I can the tag the appropriate invoice?

Ok, so if everything is done in quickfile, does that mean getting the client to do another mandate?

Spot on. When the payment happens, you can just input it into your GoCardless account on QuickFile and tag it to the invoice manually.

No need for another mandate. If you’ve imported the mandate and it shows as all connected, that’s all that’s needed. This will allow you to collect money from your client using the existing mandate.

Hope that makes sense!

Yes, that’s great.

Ok, just to get this clear in my head, if I don’t need them to do another mandate, what happens with the existing payment every month? Does the autobill and existing mandate take over or could they potentially be charged twice?

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