Expense capture app recommendation

Hi there,

I would like to simplify our bookkeeping process by using a expense capture app. Which one do you recommend to use with QF? Could the app automatically create a purchase order and enter the amounts and the VAT of invoices onto QF?

If this is not available, could someone let me know how Receipt Hub - Dropbox Synchronisation works? Is it only a way to upload invoices/files or does it create the purchase order?


Hi @iberfood

QuickFile supports Dropbox, which allows you to take a photo or “scan” an invoice or receipt and will automatically upload it to your receipt hub. We also support invoices by email allowing you to send us your PDF invoices (for example) and we’ll add these to your receipt hub too.

Unfortunately as far as I’m aware, there isn’t an app that would allow you to enter your expenses and upload a document at the same time.

When you set up Dropbox, it will create a folder - \Dropbox\Apps\Quick File Receipts. Any files added to this folder are then uploaded to our system and sit in the Receipt Hub area of your account, where you can tag them to an existing purchase invoice, or create a new one - nothing is created automatically.

You may find this guide helpful: Dropbox integration setup