Expense Categories for childcare vouchers and food

What is the expense category (tag) for childcare vouchers, vat and daily food expenses?

Are these vouchers you have bought for your employees? If so the cost of the voucher has vat at 0% and admin fee is the bit you charge vat to.

Create a new category if there isn’t one, under chart of accounts.

Daily food expenses, please elaborate on this part. Its not clear what you refer to.

You can’t claim your daily food costs unless it’s included in an overnight hotel stay. What you can claim is a hmrc approved daily food amount of £5 per day. You can use or create a category called subsistance. This is an allowance so you will need to create a journal and use drawings or directors loan account as the payment nominal.

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Thanks - It is £10/- for more than 12 hours if I am not wrong.

Is there a link to documentation to create a new category.


Hi @wrongfindata,

Here is a knowledge base post on how to create your own categories

Adding a new nominal account

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Yes, the vouchers are bought for my employees. Would that be Overheads-> Gross Wages?

You can also claim subsistence costs on an actual basis, if you are working away from your usual place of work, you don’t have to use the flat rate. The costs must be reasonable though. You can include them under travel costs or, as @Paul_Courtier says, set up a subsistence code. VAT is reclaimable on subsistence.

Childcare vouchers would be posted to staff costs but I would separate them from wages. You can set up a new code in the same range.

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