Expense rebilling shows up in P&L as General Sales

This new feature seemed to be brilliant, however on checking I find that the expenses paid for by the client show up as General Sales in Income not as a contra or credit under the Expense category used in the purchase. This seems to me to defeat the object of exercise. If I had applied some markup then maybe it would be correct but I did not. If the accountants say you are correct, then this is just another useless feature to me.

This is the first iteration of our rebilling feature. There’s no reason why we can’t adapt it to contra the expense code, and we don’t profess to get everything right first time. We envisaged that in most cases a markup would be applied, which is why it was credited by default to a sales code.

Within the next 2 weeks we will collate the feedback received and make any further iterations we feel necessary.

I would say if you don’t agree with some of the features we’re working on then contribute some feature requests you’d like to see implemented. It’s an open forum here.

Thanks for your replyGlenn.

I look forward to further developments and appreciate that it is an impossible task to make your software work perfectly for all businesses.

No problem!

I’ll switch this over to a feature request for now and update you with any progress.

Glenn, would it be possible on expense rebilling to have a box to tick whether each individual expense rebilled needs to be treated as a contra or put on a general sales code? I generally don’t add a markup but there are occasional times this is needed.

@MaryJ yes the contra will be optional and only available when the markup is zero. We can’t allow a contra where there’s a markup as it will exceed the original purchase value, at least not without over complicating things.

We’ve been delayed with this as we have a whole bunch of changes going live at Companies House this week. Hopefully we can address this in the first week of July.

Hello Glenn, Please excuse my ignorance, if I go ahead & use the expense rebilling feature now can I adjust the rebilled expenses to contras instead of general sales once the feature is operational?

Unfortunately not for existing rebilled invoices. We may however still be able to help, I will send you a private message to get some additional info.

We have now added support for posting contras against the original expense codes. Providing there is no markup % on the rebilled invoice, you will now see a check box to contra the expense.

When the newly rebilled invoice is populated, you will then see the postings going to the original purchase expense code.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Glenn for your support.

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